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Full Room Carpet Dyeing, Complete Colour Change, Bleach Spot Repair, Spot Dyeing, Stain Removal and Rug Restoration services offered by Certified Dye Masters and Rug Restoration Experts. 

Our Services

Expert Residential and Commercial  Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Services in all states across Australia and Internationally.

Full room carpet dyeing

Carpet Dyeing is a practical and cost-effective alternative to prevent costly replacements.

Bleach Spot

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair or Spot Dyeing with perfect colour match results.


Carpets and Rugs lose up to 3% of colour each year .Let us restore your carpets and rug back to their former glory.


Be it red wine, lipstick, makeup – We have an arsenal of stain removal methods to treat any type of stains.


Bleach Spots, Colour Loss or Sun Fading on rugs? We can help preserve your investment.

Carpet Dyeing Services:


Carpet dyeing services are a cost-effective alternative to buying new carpets.  Should you dye or should you buy? We can help with:

  • Full Carpet Dyeing or Colour Change.
  • Bleach Spot Repairs and Spot Dyeing.
  • Sun Fading and Colour Loss
  • Carpet Beetles and Moths.
  • Stain Removal

Rug Restoration:


Rugs – Be it Turkish, Indian, Silk, Persian or modern machine-made rugs, we can help. We can help preserve and restore your investment

  • Colour Bleeding or Colour loss.
  • Rugs Sun Fading or Sun Damage.
  • Stain Removal on Rugs.
  • Rugs Moth Damage Restoration.
  • Rugs Water Damage Restoration.
  • Rug Rejuvenation and Maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the carpet and rug dyes last?

The Carpet Dyeing company guarantees the dyes utilized are permanent, non-toxic and will remain colour-fast for the life of your carpets.


Are all the services completed on - site?

Carpet Dyeing and Restoration services are carried on site. However, rug restoration services are carried out in a fully equipped lab.


Which is more cost effective - Dyeing or Buying?

Experts have found that carpet dyeing and rug restoration services offer customers 60 – 75% more savings than purchasing new carpets or rugs.


How much downtime will I have?

None – You can walk on your carpets immediately. Although the carpets will be slightly damp – they will be completely dry within a couple of hours.

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