Expert Carpet Dyeing and Restoration Services. Old drab carpets or wrong coloured carpets ruining the decor your home? The Carpet Dyeing Company has got you covered!

Carpets dull, aged or stained? – it can taint guests or even prospective home buyers impressions of your home and your housekeeping standards.

Carpets are the second largest investment in most homes – they cost thousands of dollars. Depending on their quality, they can last anywhere between 10 – 25 years. They are bound to accumulate dirt and dust at home and commercial properties over the years. However, new carpets are installed to fix issues such as sun fading, colour loss, bleach spots, remove difficult stains and in some cases because the color is outdated or does not match the recent renovations.

Carpet Dyeing Australia - Carpet Dyes in water
Carpet Dyeing Australia - Full Room Carpet Dyes, Bleach Spot Repair, Spot Dyeing Carpets

Carpet Dyeing Experts offer skilled services to tackle almost any carpet woes you may have such as ugly stains on carpets, bleached spots on carpets, carpets that are not a desirable colour or sun-fading.

Before choosing new carpets – experts urge carpet owners to pause and think – Should you Buy or Should you Dye?

You should Buy – if your carpet or its fibers are damaged beyond repair such as burnt, major tears or contaminated by contact with the sewage for health and hygiene purposes.

You should Dye – If your carpets are discoloured, heavily stained, faded due to high sun exposure but the quality of the fibers and the carpet is still intact. It is a pocket-friendly option, offers more value for money.

Carpet Dyeing is 60% – 75% more cost-effective than buying new carpets. It is a practical and economical alternative to replacing carpets and prevents premature replacement.

The Carpet Dyeing Company can help with all your carpet dyeing needs – whether it is a simple bleach spot repair or complete colour change. Whether you’re renovating your family home, selling your home or refurbishing an old room.

Not only is carpet dyeing a cost-effective alternative – The Carpet Dyeing Company offers high value for money and delivers service quality like no other carpet dyeing company in Australia.

The Carpet Dyeing Experts full room carpet dyeing or complete – colour change starts with Custom Colour Composition – The Carpet Dyeing Company certified dye masters will create a custom colour according to your requirements and tastes.

Followed by colour approval by client -Once the colour is chosen and approved by you, our expert technicians will carry out a test in a discreet area within your home i.e. the walk-in closet or pantry to get your final approval before proceeding.

The final approval has to be provided in person – as experts we believe the camera and lighting changes do not reflect the true colour shade.

All dyes utilized by The Carpet Dyeing Company are 100% colour fast, non – toxic and odour free.

Want to discuss whether carpet dyeing is an option for you? Get in touch with us today.