Rug Restoration Services

Colour Loss, Colour Bleeding, Stain Removal, Bleach Spot Repair on Rugs – The Carpet Dyeing Company are the best rug restoration experts in Australia. 

Rug Restoration


Rug Restoration Services – Bleach Spot Repair, Colour bleeding, Colour Loss, Sun Fading Reversal, Moth Damage and Stain Removal on Rugs – We can help!

Most rug owners and collectors have many sentimental connections with their rugs – be it because it has been in the family for generations, it is an antique rug or just because it is beautiful and tells a story of its own.

All Types of Rugs:

The Carpet Dyeing Company believes every rug is a unique piece of art – whether it is their designs, motifs, patterns or design. No two rugs are the same.

As experts in Rug Restoration and Repair, we have profound knowledge in all things rugs – from rug textures, weaving patterns to types of dyes utilized. Our comprehensive knowledge helps us in restoring your rugs back to their former glory irrespective of their age, type or issue at hand such as sun fading or sun damage reversal, colour bleeding, colour loss, bleach spot repair, and stain removal.

Our range of rug restoration services

Experts recommend treating any issues faced with rugs in a timely manner to limit further damage and protect your investment. The Carpet Dyeing Company offers a wide range of rug restoration services:

  • Sun Damage Reversal
  • Bleach Spot Repair
  • Colour Loss or Colour Bleed
  • Stain Removal
  • Pet Urine Stain and Odour Removal
  • Moth Damage
  • Water Damage Restoration

We are the best rug repair and restoration experts in Australia. The Carpet Dyeing Company has vast experience and an excellent reputation for restoring both carpets and rugs in Australia.

As experts in the rug restoration industry – we can help restore any type of rug. Be it Persian, Oriental, Silk, Turkish, Indian, Afghan or modern rugs, tapestries and carpets.

Whether your rugs have natural dyes or synthetic dyes – We help in restoring antique, handmade, heirloom or heritage rugs – every rug is treated with utmost care.

Our rug restoration services are carried out using customized air brushing technique to treat and repair every part of your intricate rug.

We offer our expert rug restoration services in all states across Australia and across the globe.

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